IoT Beyond Connectivity
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Interactor is for Interaction

as Router is for connectivity

Configure the interactions between platforms, devices and applications



Create new interactions between platforms. Utilize the uniqueness of each platform without changing your application code.



Take control of your connected devices. Easily manage your business assets. Create viable device centric solutions



Make your applications securely interact with cloud applications. Harness the power of the latest cloud solutions


Abstraction of interaction codes into an Interactor



Business Performance

Margin pressure is playing ever more important role in the project's viability. The Pulzze Interactor abstracts interaction programing out of the application/device code and makes it a configuration effort. This dramatically reduces the overall cost, making the project extremely price competitive.

Rapid Prototyping

Project schedules are ever shrinking. By eliminating the coding out of the system integration, developer can spend more time on developing the core logic. System integration focused projects can be completed in less than half the time using the Pulzze Interactor, compared with having to code the whole project.

Flexible and Customizable

Markets change and so do the requirements for the system integration. The Pulzze Interactor enables the users to easily change the configuration without having to recode multiple devices and applications. New devices and applications can be added with one click and re-configured by editing interactions graphically.

System Agnostic

Your team does not have to know all the protocol, database engine, operating system etc. You don’t have to worry about vendor or community support because with the annual service agreement, the Pulzze Interactor will update and support the latest vendor api and protocol changes for you.